Giardini di Mirò - Testo Lyrics Too much static for a beguine

Testo della canzone

Indifference, masculine, traitor, and into that milling swarm the enemies pointed their guns towards the window panes of our rooms. Tonight, a few meters further from the house, her father shows off a few gold english coins, pretending to offer them as an act of charity. The winter must be in the house. Soon. In the harms of night, a silence which even crickets don?t dare profane. Repeated howls are heard. We walk to the lake and sink into the frozen water. Everything is static

Album che contiene Too much static for a beguine

album Punk... not diet! - Giardini di MiròPunk... not diet!
2003 - Psichedelico, Noise, Alternativo, Post-Rock Homesleep, Sony BMG
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