Born march 20 1978, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Started his career performing as a vocalist at bars and clubs, then he writes his first songs:'Artist's eyes' and 'Now it's time'. It has come 'Why', later 'The God's archer' and 'The power of thought' . In 2002 he recorded 'The God's archer' in which he represents disabled people struggling to pay medical bills as a metaphorical meaning for tooth decay as rotten as the health system. This song returned exactly his irreverent nature. Has been completed several singles 'One like many', 'Tongue of flame','Far away' and 'Strange sometimes I feel the ocean'. The song 'Looking for your soul' in 2008 was included in the 'Pure Compilation', produced by JetSpeed Records, L.A. 'Inside your love' revealing a strong solo voice, while the last one marks a dark 80s-tinged electronic sound 'Déjà vu' is available on iTunes store.