Giulia's Mother - Candies testo lyric


Forget yourself for a moment
Remember your deepest fear
Are you going down?

Can you feel your weaked arms?
Your pain and your brain know what is in act
You are going down

Where am i now?
the same places as before but
It feels much more real

i see a tree screaming
A pig is paying a girl
Two children are looking up
Someone throws candies on the floor

I can't be what i condemn
I can't wait for a wave to retreat
is this the last Chance?
is this the last Chance?

My fears are naked
My joys are shown

Will you throw candies on the floor?

My joys are naked
My fears are shown

Will you still be able to look up?


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La canzone Candies si trova nell'album TRUTH uscito nel 2015 per INRI.

Copertina dell'album TRUTH, di Giulia's Mother

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