Giulia's Mother - Me and I testo lyric


There is no right place for you and i
You are scratching walls on my silent soul
I don't wanna believe you carry my own name
Stare back at the child with the face of butterfly

You and I
With our Lies

On pick of the mountain you built for me
I'm wearing an oblivion blanket
To face my cold guilt, it's freezing my arms
I'm mending holes with porcelain yarns

You and I
The same Lie

I will find a place for Me and I
I'll discover my sorrow, and i'll free my mind
To leave all the grief that is not mine
I deserve it, i just wanna be fine
Me and I
Try to hold us tight


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La canzone Me and I si trova nell'album TRUTH uscito nel 2015 per INRI.

Copertina dell'album TRUTH, di Giulia's Mother

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