Giulia's Mother - Past testo lyric


My past is what I say
Am I sure about the story
that I’m telling my self?
My past is just a Choice

This time I’ll change my past
Everything lives in my head
Under my weakness dome
I’m trying to find an
Escape but everyday
I wake up closed in the
memory of the idea
I have of me

The future is waiting to
become the past that I
don’t know yet
everything has happened outside
time that flows and shows
me what I can’t stop
certainty is stuck
in a moment

The future brings
us a new past
That will whisper
us new secrets
Future has happened
Past is just a choice
Who am I?
Who am I today?


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La canzone Past si trova nell'album Here uscito nel 2016 per INRI, Artist First.

Copertina dell'album Here, di Giulia's Mother

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