Songwriter of melodic music in all its forms, to send melodies straight to your heart and light lost emotions and sensations.

Giulio Vinci born in Florence (Italy) but but spends his early life in a small town in Sicily.

Always in love with every kind of music, since he was a little child. He used to spend his time bringing his walk-man and listening to cassettes and radio... That was the eighties'. Then came his primary school and the nineties, together with dance music, which he appreciated since the very beginning because of its contagious energy. So he'd listen to "Radio Deejay" (an italian radio station) and "Deejay Time", as all his mates would, the station which sent that music on air, just after school.

In 1997, he discovered a basic software to simply compose. That's when he started to unleash all his creativity and it took little before this went on for whole nights, improving his pieces so that they weren't simple main themes but rather entire melodies. Again in 1997, he also discovered trance music, pleasing him for its straightness and the complete lack of vocals. At the same time, He was becoming a punk and drum'n'bass avid listener. Once the secondary school was over, he finished a series of tracks which he gathered in the album "Another Morning".

With university's life, he got closer to grunge and metal and especially to gothic rock. His burst of invention goes on and on and this results in two new private albums, called "New Era" and "Luce Blu" between 2000 ad 2004, which were meant to close a circle of productions. It's not yet about professional instruments, but they knew some success among his friends.

From 2005 on, he have been making it pro-level but several aspects of his life, such as family, love, university, force him to get far from the great aim of his life... express feelings through notes.

In 2009 he tried to be an artistic producer for and independent music brand, but even this could not fulfill his wishes.

He had carried this dissatisfaction for some years until He could not bear this abandon any longer.

In 2010, finally he made up his mind and made all the necessary to develop a demo song all by himself.

An independent music brand listened to it and accepted to produce it, showing a brand new and unmistakeable style, "romantic gothic". So was born "Memories", which carries all the pathos and the troubles experienced before, but this leads to a new beginning and a new path. "Memories" is just the first step towards he renewed production.

After "Memories" there were several singles including the most popular "You'll Be Alright" and "Nebula", besides a couple of instrumental albums "Chapter I: Another Morning" and "Chapter II: New Era." Moreover he release an EP "Give Me Back My Skin" with a collaboration of other local artists.
All productions take life thanks to the independent label that produces it.

In 2013 the single "You'll Be Alright" is inserted as expansion track in the pc game "Step Mania". Always in the same year, the single "Hymn To Death" is chosen to be the ending song of the second season of "Gothdol Black" anime.

All these productions that indicate its second phase of music production are published under the artist name "blue 'chaos' light".

In 2014 he decided to take another step forward. He wants to have full control over his creations but at the same time he want the top of quality in music production. Thanks to musical maturity achieved, he becomes a full-fledged songwriter. He composes, arranges and writes lyrics that will produce and publish under his own new label "Another Wave". His songs are played and singed by professional session musician.

The first single of this third phase is "Fly Attempt" a pure gothic-rock piece with a surreal atmosphere that addresses the problem of violence against women.