We form GLEAM in 2003, from rock/blues influences, today oriented to alternative/indie/prog/pop/electro rock environments.

"Pàiza - The story so far Vol.I" ('03) - Demo
"Pàiza - The story so far Vol.II" ('04) - Demo
"The Big G - Four songs demo" ('05) - Demo
"Lip and Tremble", dec '05 - Album
"Lip and Tremble (Radio Edit)", apr '06 - EP

Months pass, things change and for a bit more than a year we play with Luca. After live performances, inspiring trips around the world and constant rehearsals, tantalizing ideas for a new album arise that we only accomplish once back together in December '09.

"Lady Psyché and her Heart Mechanix", dec '10 - Album
"Happy birthday Guru", apr '12 - EP
"Zeroland (part I)", oct '13 - Album

Former members:
2003/2006 Colo (drums, vocals)
2006/2007 Luca (drums, vocals)
2003/2007 Bob Pàiza (guitar)

Full Bio: http://www.gleamstation.com/p/bio_1071.html