Greenhouse Effect - Actor testo lyric


Should I ever appear
To be
Careless or insane
Should I ever appear
To be
... getting out of hand

'Don't mind me
Don't help me
I'm only acting...

Don't mind me!
Don't help me!
I'm only acting

... and maybe your feelings
Don't seem
To be worth much to me
... and maybe your world
Just can't seem to spin
With mine

... maybe the whole damn planet
Is out of synch
Thanks to me

... there's the door!
Don't bump yourself on the way out!
Because I haven't the time
For a person with no common sense
Tryin' to put me at her level

I'm a man on a mission girl
And if you don't like it well
... and if the world don't like it well
You can all go to...
Oh,... you can all go...
Where do you think?

'Don't help me!
Get your reason out of my face!
What's that you say?
I'm a fuckin' disgrace
Ahh yeah
That's right

Oh yeah...
Don't help me!
Don't try!


La canzone Actor si trova nell'album Global Warming uscito nel -0001.

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