Greenhouse Effect - Coke Snortin' Love Boys testo lyric


You are hated here
So you have to conform
To the drunken rat race
Nobody knows your real face

As you are such a coward
Swearing and bragging
'Got to keep up with your...
Coke snorting Love Boys

But... damn it, you're a good man
'who can't find anyone
Who thinks n' feels
Like you
All you see is hate and vane

It really gets you down yeah

Coke Snortin' love boys

You are hated here
Even in the drunken rat race
For you can't hide who you are
It just slips out

... when you no longer
Can take
What you've become
What do you care?
Losin' friends who aren't

... when livin' lonely is your
Only freedom
When you party with them;
You're just a lie

Lifes' just sickening!
Oh yeah!

Coke snortin' Love boys

"So that's all we are to you?
Coke snorting passionate haters?
Well get the hell right out!
Mr. Island of Love!
You are the hate that you see!
As if you really pray!!
You don't give a damn boy
But yer pretty good at cryin'
... We've all hard shit to bare!
We're just tryin' to get away - yeah"

You are loved somewhere
But you'll never know where
Cause you are hated here!
... and it is so much better
To be what you are
... to be with your kind
... when you no longer can take...
... what you've become
It cannot last for long
The lifelong search goes on...
To find out what you know
... to find out who you are;

A Coke snorting Love boy


La canzone Coke Snortin' Love Boys si trova nell'album Immorally Moral uscito nel -0001.

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