Greenhouse Effect - No. 1 testo lyric


Do what you can
To make sure that you
Can get it your way
Can live for today
'poor mans on the run
But no. 1
Is doing ok
... is tired of complains
That the effort ain't there
To make sure we all
Do live as one
"He gives from his surpluss"
Ain't that good enough?
Ain't that good enough?
God,... I don't know
God,... I don't care!
I can see you!
I can see me
I don't need more
... and niether should we
So live for today
So boogie on down...

'Cause we ain't gonna be around...

Note; the Second refrain has lyrics from the G.e. Song "Precarious"
Mixed in...

"So what can I do for you?
You say you'd like your soul saved
Suddenly you believe in me
Now that we're standin'
Face to face
'I didn't give you a fair chance
With my precarious human race
; You were fair game?
Farce human test
It took you so long boy,
You figured why waste your breath
It took ya so long boy
You just never asked...


La canzone No. 1 si trova nell'album Global Warming uscito nel -0001.

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