Greenhouse Effect - Precarious testo lyric


So what can I do for you?
You say You'd like your soul saved
Suddenly you believe in me
Now that we're standing face to face
I didn't give you a fair chance
With My precarious human race
You were fair game
Farce human test
It took you so long boy'
You (or I) figured why waste your (or My) breath
What took you so long boy
... is you just never asked...

Who in the world pushed you
So down that you couldn't get up?
Who in the world buried you
So deep that you couldn't dig out?
Who in the world told you
That you'll never... wake up?
Who in the world killed you?
Who in the world killed you?

Please Jesus please!!
Oh God... not You too
This has got to be a nightmare
Because I expect only love
From You...
Everybody's abandoned me
I'm just a lonely lonely lad
... And You're the only real friend
This boy ever had...


La canzone Precarious si trova nell'album Global Warming uscito nel -0001.

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