Greenhouse Effect - Star testo lyric


On the stage
You had to grow, now I disown you
You became a liar, you became a fag
'didn't stay who you are

Glittering prizes
Endless compromizes
You gotta big nose too
Now ya sing like Geddy Lee
Once you were so cool
Had loads of dignity
Oh God now look at you!
Yer a fucking sorry site!

Why'd you do it?
Yer starting panty stores?
Yer a bloody sold out whore
Remember when I shook yer hand
My youth to you in demand
Someday you'll intern man...

At a record company
Maybe Enigma!
Saying you gotta dream
To every bloke you beam
Cause yer junk big time
Will fall
Hard to the ground
Without a sound!

Go back to who you are!
Turn away the fake money
And the pussy too
Star... bring back my dream
Give me hope
C'mon man... cut out the joke

I just wanna say you've really let me down
Kiss, Def Leppard, Motley Crue
All of you guys man... You punk bands too
TSOL, Danzig, Slayer
You guys have betrayed my youth...

You don't know who you were!
Oh no
Your limosines
Have brainwashed you
It's irreversable

But funny how
I start liking you again
As the months go by
As your stardome dies
Oh well
I guess yer cool
If it was done by you
... when I'm 30 I won't care
Oh oh... etc
Star you've let me down
... etc...


La canzone Star si trova nell'album Going Legit uscito nel -0001.

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