Greenhouse Effect - Waiting For Your Love To Fail testo lyric


He came around
'was such a nice boy
But just a geek to her depeche fashion
And then she goes off
An' marrys some schmuck
Who'l take her on
That 2.5 ride

I'm waiting for your love to fail!

You are gonna sit and cry alone and call yer mother, sad
You are gonna think about me and it's gonna drive you mad
He is gonna screw on you and you are gonna be confused
No use prayin' to yer God
You'll be lucky if you don't get aids!

'Not to love you
That'l never be now
But just to hate when he sees' you
Cause he's a nice boy
'got better things to do
Then smile at you, you cunting whore "

I'm waiting for your Love to fail!!

You are gonna feel the pain I have felt
If I have to install!
You just could never learn that everyone is everyone in all
No haircut or cute face is what turns this world
You silly bitch
It's 1 2 3... A B C... X Y Z; Your fate

"I'm just waiting forever"

I come around... and it's just a shell
Of what once was... and it never was
'like in my dreams
Where she kills me
... with her haunts
'See her I'll taunt

I'm Waiting for her love to Fail!


La canzone Waiting For Your Love To Fail si trova nell'album Immorally Moral uscito nel -0001.

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