Greenhouse Effect - We Will All Die testo lyric


And we all cry and tell lies
In the night jerk off all alone

Pray to the God guy
And He only throws fears back and why?

We don't ask why
We just tell lies

And dream of her thighs
And no matter whether
We truth or we lie

We will all die
And we know there is this big wise God guy
Gonna send us all to hell
Til we learn
And quit the yearn
For more sperm
On our sheets

Yes I'm sorry my son
But we shall not overcome
And we shall only be undone
And still burnt by the sun

And we'll continue to lie
And we will all die

For my father and my mother
It's too late
Are the liberators here?
Or shall I just masturbate?
Again and again

The pleasure of sin
We cannot win

The good feeling comes
And is gone just as quick
Split second

And we age with no grace
We're all a disgrace

And we pretend we are rich and we brag we are poor

What ever fits the expediency whore

And life begins again anew
Smiling faces
Hold up the crying few

But life shall not begin for me
It's all over my walls
And sheets
Washed with tide
And cells forgotten;
Dust to dust

They raised me a lonely beatin' man
Who fell behind

Never to catch up

And who only knows as he cries

That we will all die


La canzone We Will All Die si trova nell'album Re-Education uscito nel -0001.

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