Informazioni Grey Sparkle

Grey Sparkle is NOT exactly a label, as it's more a way for me to self-produce LPs, CDs, CD-Rs and mp3s.

I am Matteo Uggeri, and here I just collect all the records or projects in general in which I am involved.

Therefore, Grey Sparkle moves in musical fields from electronics, experimental to post rock and field recordings.

Most of the people says that melancholy, quiteness and non disturbing-sounds is the trait d'union of these releases.

As I'm pretty poor but very open, I really like to collaborate with other labels, so Grey Sparkle worked with AFE, ctrl+alt+canc, Disasters by Choice and more.

In this site you'll therefore find also artists that just collaborated with me, but that we didn't directly released (Punck, for instance).

Some other, like Tex La Homa, was published by Grey Sparkle for its collaboration with Sparkle in Grey.

Check here the artists involved in this music.

Thanks for your interest.

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