Stoner / Psych-Rock trio

HELIODØME is a Stoner / Psych-Rock trio born in Rome in 2013 the brainchild of guitarist Roberto Ruggeri and drummer Giorgio Pinnen. In mid-2015, after about two years of songwriting and line-up adjustments singer/bassist Antonio Montellanico joined the band. HELIODØME were finally able to release their first fully self-produced album entirely recorded and mixed at the band’s studios M2.
The album, available from September 2015 on Bandcamp and distributed by CdBaby, is a combination of Stoner, Dark Wave and Grunge sounds, with a strong psychedelic component. The eight tracks composing the self-titled album represent a synthesis of all the influences of the band’s members. You can find Sabbathian riffs, drum grooves from Sky Valley, psychedelic effects from UFO Club and Grunge. The entire album, particularly the vocals, has its roots in the 70’s and 90’s music scene