Hogwash - Better so testo lyric


I destroyed it just yesterday
it was a cool present
maybe the sweetest you have ever given me
I broke it into pieces and threw it away
and on it your dedication cried

Tired of love poetry,
cool blank days and lazy complications
I gotta react and stand
cos' you broke my heart and now I'm breaking your bones

I ?m stealing breath to anxiety
and drive faster and faster
on the shortest way to reach...

better so...
after all I'm still that drip teenager of the eighties

better so...
I will use the same old words I've been telling you every day

I hate you


La canzone Better so si trova nell'album Atombombproofheart uscito nel 2002 per URTOVOX rec., Audioglobe.

Copertina dell'album Atombombproofheart, di Hogwash

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