Hogwash Bloodgrim Testo Lyrics

Hogwash Bloodgrim Testo Lyrics

Rock, Indie 


Testo della canzone

Can you bury the light inside?
Can you stop what moves the earth clockwise?
Can you make me feel bright?
Then tonight I'll kill the day
Let it be, what can never be
Let me set foot on strange islands
Flashbacks of things to see
I'm a little bit confused,
But insomnia gives me a picture of time
Pushin' myself to lose
In a life of different kind
Oh, bloodgrim
Can you show me the dark outside?
Can you move what stop the moon in the sky?
Can you or can't you?
Empty hours tedium filled
Stains on my hands stains on my feet
I'm waitin' for the rain
That wash my pain
Wake gives a concept of eternity
Roaming unknown worlds
Wake gives a concept of infinity
Roaming with unknown men
Then today I'll kill the night
There's no more than a bloogrim spot
Which binds us to the world
Desire to possess, understand, collect and discover
Desire to possess, misunderstand, gross misconduct

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