Hogwash - Testo Lyrics Fools do pay

Testo della canzone

Her actions speak louder than my voice
and make us strangers by love.
I hate the sound of silence
ringing in my ears

so I sing nineteen sad songs
that I know she hates to hear.

what if all my words were lies?
and all my hellos goodbyes?
what price for love we fools do pay?
how do lovers from love abstain?

if i let her touch me
it's just because I'm drunk.
no matter what is said or done, I'm wrong
so as always I'm down

where future narrows and splits in twain
lovers and madmen are sane

Album che contiene Fools do pay

album Half Untruths - HogwashHalf Untruths
2006 - Rock, Pop, Indie, Folk URTOVOX rec., Audioglobe
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