Hogwash Grin Testo Lyrics

Hogwash Grin Testo Lyrics

Rock, Indie 


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Testo della canzone

"I don't give a fuck"
This is more or less how it sounded.
So my will shall fall on your knees
It?s just a matter of time.

I've been always wrong
I've never understood
If you were closer to me
I'm like a singer that has had his days
Whose refrains are catchy no more

Well, it doesn't matter what u meant
I'm blind and sad
But just don't ask me what i felt

And this feeling is gettin' stronger every day
And sadly changin' what you are used to say
I'm sorry I'm not able to hide my grins
I'm too tired to fill your mailbox with my tears
Please leave me in my ditch

Well now I wish I could come back
And hold your head again
In my shakin' hands
And fly away

Album che contiene Grin

album Atombombproofheart - Hogwash
Atombombproofheart 2003 - Pop, Indie, Folk URTOVOX rec., Audioglobe

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