Hogwash - Testo Lyrics Imaginary Flower

Testo della canzone

I'm sitting at the table while my friends
Are talkin' and I'm
Wasting my ninth life and stealing ideas from a book
So they can believe I'm strong

The giggling schoolgirls
Who speak loudly about sex
Are nymphs who grin when I bleed
And it seems they enjoy watching me
But I know someday I'll laugh about this

Nowhere, and nowhere
And all points 'tween...
I'm but a cloud in the breeze

Seeing her stepping out from my blood
Hurts me so much
Distant wind chimes bring me back to my pains
I'm no longer young enough to escape

Her lies,
She suspects nobody makes bets on
Oh she'll never understand
That wishing won't make it true
Well now I'm sure I'm not bleeding alone

Album che contiene Imaginary Flower

album Atombombproofheart - HogwashAtombombproofheart
2003 - Pop, Indie, Folk URTOVOX rec., Audioglobe
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