Hogwash - Testo Lyrics Me and the half untruths I & II

Testo della canzone

We're the silent half untruths
we have sharp pebbles in the boots
we don't like happy endings

we're dreams splattered on a toilet seat
we remember to forget the defeat
we're millions of wisdom teeth

'cause we're the ones who are too sober to...
we're the ones who are too sober to love

we're the child who has nothing pure
we have cheap liquors we have the cure
we're the umpteenth rainy day

we're dumb soldiers in a diet-nam
who need to tape their plastic ideals
we're the inner conflict stars

and we are goin' to draw the line that says we've had enough
we're barely more than strangers
fucking each other in more ways

and then if I could tell you what's on my mind...
I wish I could climb a tree to the very top
until there were nothin' between me and the half untruths
between...me and love

...in spring we're pale
...in summer we're barefoot
...in fall we're poets
...in winter we're safe

Album che contiene Me and the half untruths I & II

album Half Untruths - HogwashHalf Untruths
2006 - Rock, Pop, Indie, Folk URTOVOX rec., Audioglobe
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