Hogwash - Spiral Walls testo lyric


In the deep of spiral walls the meaning mushroom lives alone
The door is closed and there's no key an idiot god eternal sleep
30 years and a thousand nights closed inside a box called life
no air to breath no space inside no ears to hear no mouth to speak
Mind expanding, pure perception soon will start the trip
To strange land, strange things to see
Sonic rainbows, impossible corners fall deep through confusion
A strange dream, quite like a grave space and time has no sense here
In the spiral.
One chance one time to hear, to see the sound the toughts this real new being
The sleeping village man forget the way an idiot god eternal dreams
The death, the time to leave this space round and around this dirty race
The death, the time to be alone let me mean in the spiral walls


La canzone Spiral Walls si trova nell'album Fungus Fantasia uscito nel 1996 per Lucifer Rising Records, Self Distribuzione S.p.A..

Copertina dell'album Fungus Fantasia, di Hogwash

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