Hogwash The bait Testo Lyrics

Hogwash The bait Testo Lyrics

Rock, Indie 


Testo della canzone

"I hear voices inwrought in my head
(Shell of mt hallucinations)
Sweet mushrooms of salvation
Squeeze the odds
I evaporate in daze
The hoop of hovering lights
Incomprehensible in the day
A mumble which is seething underneath
Fear and raves
Are gushing out my holes
You know if I've tried
To fly to the outskirts of the sky
I will never return to earth
Can you tell if is better or worse?
Five billion miles away from the sun
Oh, no... slay me now
Mesmerice my obsession
In what could've been a nice trip
Underdressing in contradictions
While jesus spits on my feet
Perma teen's pussypie
Fly, you mad fly
Fly, fly, you mad fly to the core of the sunshine

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