Hogwash - Weak brother testo lyric


as I prowl through dust and crushed stones
mock and jeer, as i stare
my bare feet turn shades into black

wannabe prowling
wannabe drifting
wannabe guilting the others for my crimes
wannabe killing
wannabe burning
wannabe cutting this grey skin weakened by times

one cut for every time I've lied
one cut for every thing I hide

every scar is a lie...
the broken symbol of things long gone

for who are you to judge me?
dirty as you say, while dirty are your insides

wannabe sticking
wannabe rucking
wannabe soiling this sky and make stars collide
wannabe screaming
wannabe singing
wannabe writing hate words for bright sides

one word for always being a bitch
and one for every suicide threat

every word is a lie...
my unexpected letters are getting worse

one more to feed this addiction
because I can't beat this self-affliction
one more for every time I've said I would quit
and one for every time I believed it
one more for every time I've said "stop"
but the habit wasn't dropped


La canzone Weak brother si trova nell'album Half Untruths uscito nel 2006 per URTOVOX rec., Audioglobe.

Copertina dell'album Half Untruths, di Hogwash

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