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Testo della canzone

I used to hide my Camels
In a paper bag
I only took them out
When it was safe to drag
My first sixteen years
In a catholic-boy suit
One father with a sixer
And a steel-toe boot
He said son we're all...
Here today gone tomorrow
Here today gone tomorrow
One night in the mirror
I saw a movie star
So I flew to Hollywood
In a neighbor's car
A pack of No-Doze
I'm a bundle of nerves
Laughing out loud
As the highway curves
'Cause you see we're all just...
Here today gone tomorrow
Here today gone tomorrow
Twenty-two miles out of Pasadena
I picked up a hiker named Tina
Now oe've only been here
A couple of weeks
Soakin up the sun, the drugs
And the freaks
We hit it off
So we moved in together
Got a cat named Ringo
And it purred like leather
We robbed a bank in
Santa Monica
Bought a Caddy and a
Gold harmonica
We'd ride by day
We'd play by night
We're makin' love every night
Here today gone tomorrow
Here today gone tomorrow
So we went up to Hef's
To meet some bunnies
I saw Hugh he was actin' funny
He handed me some grass and a
Vodka & gin
That was about the time that Jack
Webb walked in
He said "Son I'm gonna tell you
Something and it ain't pretty
There's a thousand way to die in
This naked city"
Here today gone tomorrow
Here today gone tomorrow
You know we're
Here today gone tomorrow

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album Puzzle DaDa
Puzzle - Cantautoriale, Pop, Acustico

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