Inseedia - Testo Lyrics About you

Testo della canzone

All the times have changed and I?m not the same old man
That girl has gone far away I?m moaning in my bed
Only you can help me to fly over my love again
Never stop crying since you?ve gone
Never stop thinking about you

All the evil you have done to my heart is all true
Nothing says to me if that girl was really you
I?ll never understand that empty place where you used to be
Think I will defend myself stopping crying
I don?t know the things about you
All about you, all about you, all about you

Only you can help me to go over my heart again
Think I will begin to drive myself
Through my lonely way without you.

Album che contiene About you

album Secrets from the Room - InseediaSecrets from the Room
2007 - Rock, New-Wave Nomadism, Audioglobe
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