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Testo della canzone

Nothing before today, maybe one life
without a sunshine.
Yesterday I didn?t lose anything to say,
nothing to do today.

My life begins to change but I don?t care.
My mind begins to think that I want you!

The blind sees beyond,
but I can?t, I forget my dreams...

Only one chance for me, there?s only you,
you know that you can help me.
My state of sadness, I lay upon my bed,
I?d like to remember all my past...

And I remember that I?ve got a dream,
The dream of happyness!

The blind sees beyond,
but I can?t, I forget my dreams...

Album che contiene Forget my Dreams

album Secrets from the Room Inseedia
Secrets from the Room 2007 - Rock, New-Wave Nomadism / Audioglobe

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