Italian Breakfast is a project that was born in 2008 to create something new: pop is everything and nothing, infinitely huge and infinitely small. Pop is where we started. The aim of the project is to bring into the everyday's routine the spark of new and change.
In the summer 2009, the band, formed by Francesca (voice), Luca (guitar), Andrea (keyboards), Lorenzo (bass) and Giulio (drum), decides to work with the producer Andrea Fusini who records and produces a Promodisc with 3 tracks. In 2010, after several months of live performances, the band shot the video of "Tumpa", the second track of Promodisc. In 2011 we played all around Italy and in september we finished recording our first EP called "Let's take a ride to Bethlehem" produced by Ale Bavo (Subsonica, LNRipley, ecc) that will be relaesed soon.