“Stupendous pop rock in the style of real bands from the 60’s, Itchy Teeth are the only band doing it right these days, if you think anyone is writing a better song, then you’re surely wrong, I can’t get enough of these lads."
- Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones)

¡CIAO! Welcome to Itchy Teeth! We are an alternative band living in a car. A band is a bubble life and our music sounds like our life together. From London, there's guitar pop as well as some trippy and avant bits we love too. Itchy Teeth is about not being able to grow up, not being able to sleep, not being able to escape your parents, not being able to live without your mobile phone and not being able to stop. Our fans become our friends: We got some fenders, some fanzines and vinyls - we've got an orange drum kit. Who wants perfection when you can be freeeeee as free willy. Can't wait to meet you!