Biografia Jacknifed Juggernaut

HOT - REVIEW ABN Rock Update 10-03-2008 Weekly Blog *Tannrr – Hand off!! Changing the genre, this act claims they are the wolves of New Wave; I bring to you this week’s Shout out for the show:Jacknifed Juggernaut Jacknifed Juggernaut: is a 5 piece act has a multi genre sound of catchy and well written tunes that will bring solid pleasure to your ears. They offer a new sound and originality that is not real heavy but shows their innermost perceptions. I see this guys going places and emerging globally soon. Current Hot CD: “Words are bullets” with a new CD “the Nagual Vol. 2” just about to come out. Scheduled Shows: October 31st out to December 6th 2008 Rated : (3.5 out of 5) Clouds of Smoke PS: Jacknifed Juggernaut are now aero-certified!!

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