The Jamesir project started about ten years ago, with a grunge band named Ambrosya, which split about four years ago, suddenly reborn under the name of Inhaler Dust. About two years later, the band was forced to split again, because its lead singer had to quit. Pupo, Beppe and Fil were not about to give it up anyways, so they started looking for another singer to replace Stefy and they got lucky: in early 2009 they met Stengy, a very shy girl with some vocal skills, and they started playing together again. Day after day, Stengy felt more and more confortable amongst these REAL musicians, the kinda guys who play because they can't avoid playing (you know what I mean). She started feeling more self confident and part of the band and her voice came out at last, not loud as hell, but loud enough to be heard. Few months later they realized they needed a rythm guitarist to rock out louder; the quest was very profitable, because they found something MORE! Piki, the newest (and youngest) member of the band, is not just a guitarist: he's a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist with some talent! The band was finally complete and its members planned together to call it Jamesir (quoting R. Moore's awesome movie "Murder by Death"). Now they're ready to blow your mind with their music!