James and the Butcher è una band electro-rock formata da Francesco James Dini (voce e chitarra), Giorgio Corna (batteria) e dal misterioso musicista m

James And The Butcher are a three piece band with a strong international appeal, both on labels and clubs for their live performances, also thanks to their perfect British sound.
It's hard to believe we're talking of an Italian band which is very often compared to big international acts. With the single "The Invisible Boy" and the relevant animated video directed by Fabio Bozzetto, they were awarded with "Best Italian Independent Video 2016" on the Videoclip Italian Contest and "Band Of The Week" on MTV Next Generation 2017. Their debut album "Plastic Fantastic", which is already licensed to several countries, includes the single "Loola-Bye"; the single, already airplayed is collecting more and more positive feedback.