Jean Paul Agnesod is a guitar player and composer: enjoy his style melodical, expressive and emotional. He writes and records his own instrumental CDs, works where he tastes different styles (Rock, Fusion, Progressive) with some pleasant guitar techniques (Tapping, sweep picking...) All songs are under copyright S.I.A.E. A few experience: - High specialisation course in Guitar player (Classical Italian Conservatory) - He has published methods for guitar, avalaible online. - Television experience in the Italian broadcasting corporation (RAI ), Mtv Italy, channel 5... - He plays guitar instruments in many different rock-bands: Section 9, Vasca Rossa, Nameless, Diesirae, Veterani, Jolly Roger's Band... ‘Cause… I like the great rock !!! Voice to the guitar! NOW!!! Rock on! Forever Jean Paul Discography 2 Instrumental guitar CDs (2008) Metropolis (aviable online on itunes, Cd baby, amazon, ... ) Rock on (aviable online on itunes, Cd baby, amazon, ... ) 1 CD With Section 9 (2007) Section 9 - 2007 (aviable online on Multimati) 1 Instrumental guitar CD (2006) Mozart Anniversary - 2006 1 CD with Contramal (2006) Woman 8 CDs with Dies irae (1997-2005) Vivere forse sognare Cavalcata sulle nubi Great wave (aviable online on Multimati) Touch (aviable online on Multimati) Ultimo sogno (aviable online on Multimati) Wha wha (aviable online on Multimati) Dies Irae (aviable online on Multimati) Canzoni (aviable online on Multimati) Ultimo sogno (single) (aviable online on Multimati) 2 CDs - Atmosphere - Ambient Music (1999) Faust Rex Mundi