John & The Masters - "The Nobel Prize" - John & The Masters


Autumn wind was falling
On the edge of town
Sun set earlier
And many shops closed down

All of a sudden
From the jewellery to the mines
The news bounced in the streets
And soon hit the headlines

The road started to crowd
The clamour raised up
They already trembled
At the dawn's crack

From afar, on the line
A car materialized
They all stopped their breath
Ready to greet the Nobel Prize

Neither the harvest home
Had excited 'em that way
Neither the youngest saw
Unbelievers pray

He did so many good
Papers said he was wise
So welcome the great man
And take your bow the Nobel Prize

He reached the city hall
Like a winner on his cart
Shook his hand with the mayor
And signed some autographs

Cheered by children too
He spread his infectious smile
He was the happiest man
'Cause he was the Nobel Prize

Nobody was sure
about the reason why
the hero they worshipped
got a Nobel prize

Who's that man
We ask God to bless?
Who's that man
Who's fooling us?

Who's that man?
They asked and realized
Things were looking bad
He legged away, the Nobel Prize

If you pick up a press cut
With the corner of your eyes
You can still read about him
The impostor, the Nobel Prize

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