Johnny on the Rise - Why is the rum always gone

Descrizione Why is the rum always gone

Lyrics: I was going out one fine day, When suddenly to my dismay, I saw two seamen skipping hand in hand Down the street toward the bay Just then they said, ?hey mate? Could you kindly show the way To another fine establishment Where the rum flows night and day We?ve emptied every barrel round And dried up every stock in town No rum, OH NO! Where do we go? Why is the rum always gone? Why is the rum always gone? Stand by my side, till? hope is lost Why is the rum always gone? Captain Jack Sparrow and his fine crew When they got a taste of this sweet brew To pick me up their pirating Well they knew just what to do Born upon a ship in mid-typhoon Twas? part of his nature to Partake of an old tradition be belligerent and make em? swoon Chorus Let?s not forget ol? Scruffs McGee The finest drunk in this fair city All through the night his drinking songs Keep all around filled with glee With a build like his you?d think He was born for the hockey rink But he cried like a little school girl When he couldn?t get a drink Chorus

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album Down South - Johnny on the RiseDown South
2009 - Rock, Folk, Blues
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