"Hi, We're Jonesin'" is the sunny debut album from the fog city’s sugar-sweet and sardonic electro-duet Jonesin'. Matt Jones and his bride to be Jenny, sing catchy tongue-in-cheek tunes about roller-skates, love, and space aliens under a haze of pot smoke and 8-bit Nintendo music tracks. The resulting 10 songs playfully take you along on stupid first dates, cheating at a soda fountain and escaping San Francisco’s “Bummer Summer”. Like a Switched-On Sonny and Cher, Jonesin’ brings the love and radiates the posi-vibes, adding in a dash of Moldy Peaches goof-ball humor, a reverence for Dolly Parton and play it all atop Matt’s toe-tappin’ drum machines and old-school synths. After spending three days recording “Hi, We Jonesin’” in the woods outside of Portland under the auspices of Martha Davis from the Motels, Jonesin' was off on it's first tour through the southwest, picking up new costumes and dazzling fans with their oversized ghetto-blaster and unrelentingly cute choreographed moves. San Francisco impresario Marc Dantona got in touch after working with the Joneses for a soul revue and insisted on putting out the vinyl on his new imprint “Turn Up”. A national tour in fall of '09 and Japanese performance dates in November aren't all that's in these kids bright future: they're getting married in September 2010, y'know!