Khappa - BIO Genre: electronic/pop/bigbeat Label: Believe Digital Studio: Aero Recording Studio Discography: 2006 - Beast(single) 2006 - Latido(single) 2007/2008 - Few collaborations with many electronic & pop producers 2009 - Introspective(album) ... new CD & Musicvideo work in progress! ...come to see me: I begun to develope and play music since when I was young into the arts college, I remember that... It's been a very impressive part of my life, when all new technologies (3d computer animation, image compositing, realtime interactive modeling) born for passion capturing the attentions of each crazy and talented artist and when I understood that music was the most important way to show what's best inside of me. During last years I produced a few singles before got the best sound to explain all wich's mean...Khappa!!