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Testo della canzone

Chorus by dsd:
Taz:fuck them fuck niggas
Dsd:don't see them fuck niggas
Taz:fuck them fuck niggas
Dsd:don't see them fuck niggas
Y'all hoes don't see them fuck niggas, y'all hoes better get your fuckin figures, o fuck ass broke ass nigga, a bitch like me do feel ya, when you say you can't stand a fuck nigga cause they never have no fuckin cash yo give ya the dick small and the head is sloppy, y'all fuck ass nigga can't stop me come on

I don't I don't I don't see ya and I damn show wouldn't want to be ya cause I already got my own money, why you fuck niggas tryin act funny, I don't I don't I don't want ya and I really don't want nothin from ya all I really want for ya is to lick me and when you finish make sure you fuckin tip me, and then take you ass back to the conna cause I'm lookin for that nigga was before ya cause the nigga smokin hay was better than ya let me nut all over his lips ya
Now I never have respect for you nigga and you never be a threat to me nigga you better try and get your mutherfuckin figures instead of fuckin and suckin these bitches cause a real platinum bitch wouldn't want ya wouldn't want ya wouldn't suck wouldn't fuck ya throw you away cause the stack is higher than ya all my real bitches yeah I do feel ya so make sure you keep yo shit on lock and keep takin nigga shit out they pocket just keep you peace in case a nigga want to trip yeah and make sure you leave no mutherfuckin witness cause you got keep yo nigga show respect yeah and make sure you keep yo nigga in check yeah cause you a woman must demand for respect yeah all my real bitches halla if you feel me, cause I'm a jazzy nigga a freak nasty nigga I don't have to wonder why you can't stand me nigga you really dig me nigga your hoe feel me nigga and for those who don't get wit me nigga

Album che contiene F*ck Dem F*ck N%$*$z

album Gangstress - Khia
Gangstress 2006 - Pop

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