"We can be innocent and pure as kids and full of integrity and high aims like the King. We can be Kids With The Crown"

Dear friend,

It seems such an easy thing, to write some songs, to put the right dress on, to record the first album, to realize a dream. But nothing could be further from reality.

Every single part of this work of art is like a particle of an atom: maybe small but fundamental for its balance. After a beautiful and challenging year full of energy, passion and will, we are glad and proud to give you this album made of seven songs.

Each song is full of emotions and commitment, and you can hear and feel all of these things; this is the beginning of a long road and we are happy to share with you a part of this path. This is a present from Kids With The Crown to you: from our heart to your heart.

Thank you very much indeed, dear friend. A big hug and a kiss on your lips,
Kids With The Crown