Kindred Connection - Flashpoint testo lyric


It sounded like a blurry illusion
Or maybe it was your gentle touch
I gotta build my bridge to heaven
Even when my life gets rough
A chocolate bar, a golden ticket
To see my past like a flashback
This time I will be your saviour
I cannot take a different path
And I am running like a thunder
Was our love a foolish blunder?
Random number generator
I’m my future fabricator
Going back, it was my choice
Trying to save you or see your face
Well if that was a fake flashpoint
Is only my heart I will disappoint
Having you in rainy seasons
They say it doesn’t mean that much
Facing the dark hole of treason
Can’t put my trust in Lady Luck
I looked myself in the mirror
It was my time for waking up
I have to be my own redeemer
Even if I can’t stand up
My heart is beating like a thunder
I’m the victim of a plunder
Sparkling yellow demon’s noise
All when I was just a boy
I cannot stay with this conclusion
In an optical illusion
I can’t tell to any other
The last gone memory of my mother
Tell me, Did I lose my hope?
If only now, I can cope with this
Tell me if you forgot your son
Is there even something that you miss?
You don’t see me i’m the thunder
I’m beyond your craziest wonder
Bending laws of space and time
What remains is in those rhymes
The Only thing between the lies
Is my love that never dies
Now I am asking your permission
To disappear like a magician


La canzone Flashpoint si trova nell'album Unexpected Revelations uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Unexpected Revelations, di Kindred Connection

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