Kindred Connection - Irene testo lyric


I’m walking alone eight thousand miles
I’m facing giants with my ruse
To find you
Someone claimed to have seen you
In the place where the tides
Come together
Irene please
Don’t hide from me
But there’s no river I won’t ford
There’s no sandstorm that will slow
My will to connect our shadows with one finger
And I will reach the highest top
I have lost my bearings but I don’t care
Even in a ghost town I’d perceive your heart beating
Irene are you hiding from me?
I’m bleeding through the flood
I’m unsteadily crossing a swinging bridge
I’m stumbling
I’m losing track down here
Under me the nothingness
Is calling
the ropes are
Now snapping
But there’s no fall able to stop
My everlasting aim at you
You chart the course of my senseless sailing
And I will let myself go down
At the very bottom of the pit,
From here a glimpse of light seems brighter
Irene please don’t hide from me
Ring the bell please to show your presence to me, and I will listen
Irene don’t slip away, cause I will reach you soon


La canzone Irene si trova nell'album Unexpected Revelations uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Unexpected Revelations, di Kindred Connection

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