Kindred Connection - The Lighthouse testo lyric


I see your eyes
Through the candle that lights up the darkness in which you won’t be safe but
never mind
Trust me now, we will walk together till the end of this seaside
But can’t you see the line between the sky and the ocean?
Now, please
Close your eyes and feel the wind
I won’t leave you there
But please, cross over to the other side of the road
The sky is getting dark
I can show you how the moonlight glows in my room
If you breathe
You could be
Far away from the worst of the feelings
And, you may realize that I was
Close to you even when you were sleeping
Now I am on my own
Hoping that you won’t forget
That I have held you close
The strong connection between us
Was even through the fog
I am not supposed to leave you there alone
I will be the one to take you home
Even if you make some bad mistakes
Be aware, I won’t run away
I won’t let you go, don’t try
Then to push me away
Can’t you see that I have always been
The lighthouse inside your dreams
Don’t you see that i will stand by you
Like a brother my dear, let’s move on
And when the evening falls
I wish I could stop the time and paint
The colors of the clouds
And the shaft of light that hits the sea


La canzone The Lighthouse si trova nell'album Unexpected Revelations uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Unexpected Revelations, di Kindred Connection

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