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Formed in 2008 just outside of Cremona, Italy,
in early 2010 Klee started recording 'Status: Idle - Model: New - Lp',
its debut full-length album released at the end of the same year.

From rock to pop combined with electronic sounds
'Status: Idle - Model: New' album
combines guitar riffs with electronic drums and loops,
keyboards and computer-generated sounds.

Tracks such as 'Post Traumatic Syndrome',
use loops to create an immersive groove
sustained by the bass and punctuated by a simple guitar riff.
The vocal appears shortly after the song begins.
'Here it comes. Loaded through rites'
and then fades into the music.

'Commercial Breaks #1', 'Commercial Breaks #2'
are experimental noise driven-tracks with a concentric groove.
Electronic/dance-based tracks with some epic choruses finale.

'Walk Away' is an impressive,
sudden image sets in a catchy repeated groove.

Guitar-lead tracks 'Beatbox' and 'Tune' expand Klee's rock boundaries
mixing trip-hop drums with more classical guitar riffs and singing.

'Anthem' is a long, intense chant in different sections. Hypnotic.
A multi-layered song combining electronic patches and drums
merged with atmospheric keyboards.

'Harmonies' is the most unusual track,
using noises to punctuate track rhythms
and mixing electronic elements with the singer's voice.

'Happening' is the closing track, built on three different parts
held together by spatial keyboards and reverberating voices.

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