Klimt 1918 - Nightdriver testo lyric


Springtime comes, tells me who you are
Insects light stoles these silent stars
Shaking mouth, you should see
The street that flows like a shining tear
Nighttime-drive searching for suspense
Don't fead for home
I find I'm not there
I'll be waiting patiently
'till dawn sees my signs, constantly
Feel no shame for what I'm looking for
I try to keep pain hidden when I roam
Night takes care of wounds, I can believe
Night-driving away...

Sky is freed from fears
And with soft tears
Hides my eyes as they cry
Hides my eyes as they cry
I can float here, I drive me home
Now I feel so alive
Dawn, could you try to help me hang on today?
Could you warm my dewy mouth?
Could you keep on singing until sun won't rise
Time won't run
Birds won't fly
My plan has long been
You know it's true
Street is straight
I take my place
All the world has closed his eyes, since I drive
Cast o? the colours
Faraway in a place where I fade, where I hide
(Stolen stillness)
No she can't find dewy space
Night-drive shelter
Dawn could you keep my secret?
Don't betray me, no...


La canzone Nightdriver si trova nell'album Dopoguerra uscito nel 2002.

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