Klimt 1918 - Stalingrad Theme testo lyric


And this is my four leaf clover
Gift of love of mine
Tear of meadow's fall
Scent in coldest snow

There's a love strong,
Strong like a bless,
I wish do lie,
And my wish arise (...) fails

My own silence child
A world sun can run
Fall my loneliness
Your vision falls, anymore

Please don't leave me upset
My pale drowning time
Don't forget to promit
You will never die

Read the four chapter and find
my love about the future
Probably, you kiss your fingers
You will be, the wish from (...)

I believe, the small (...)
The prophecy, the body stuns
Great to face, I'll be with you
Please, Please

And Stalingrad is calling
And the ice is snowing
And I'm in desire

My own silent child
The world's sun slow die
So your vision falls

Baby, you are falling down tonight
oh ohou, So you


La canzone Stalingrad Theme si trova nell'album Undressed Momento uscito nel 2004.

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