Biografia koprowski virus

orn in late 2008 originally as a duo band, KOPROWSKI VIRUS soon evolved into a power-trio formation. Influenced by grunge|alt|stoner and noise, KV try to find their particular sound, developing their style while writing original songs.
KOPROWSKI VIRUS started play live officially the 24th of genuary|2012, during a competition in which they reached the final night delighting the small crowds with strong perfomances. The songs setlist already contained some of their "hit" songs such as Bounded, Kaleidoscope, Anyone but you and Down in there.
KV won 2(two) contest during the following summer along they came into a recording studio in december|2012. In that session they've recorded the three demo songs sets in KOPROWSKI VIRUS D3MO (available only at their gigs) all in one day.
In the summer|2013 they changed the drummer. Daniele has been replaced by Paolo beyond the kick, and this forces the band to take some time to spend reviewing the songs list and all the arrangements. on august 11th KV released their first album self titled, available in every digital stores.

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