The music of emotions

Kory Walt Blek (Campobasso, 1996) is an Italian singer, musician, composer, producer, author and multi-instrumentalist.
From the age of 5, he has been studying music, following a course of musical propaedeutics, and then approaching the piano, a fundamental instrument for the formation of Blek.
He began his studies at the conservatory, where he followed the classical piano course, before moving on to the jazz piano university course.
Meanwhile, fascinated by the world of composition and experimentation, learn to play other instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and synths.
Beyond this, learn the use of music programs and the world of production and arrangement.
In his compositions are distinguishable: the symphonic use of the voices, creating a melodic and rhythmic part to himself from the song and the orchestral and dramatic use of the instruments, inserting entire parts of strings, winds and percussion.