Post-metal, post-rock, alternative

The project was born in 2008 by the meeting of the 4 members that still compose the band, with the intention to create their own and personal music, free from mainstream rules but aware of the importance of comunication and emotion for the audience. Even though they aren't fond of paragons to other bands, for the sake of convenience and promptness we can say that Kubark will sound familiar to listeners of Tool, Isis, A Perfect Circle, Russian Circles and other bands of this vast scene.

One year after their formation, the band releases its first self-produced namesake Ep, recorded at the newborn 29100 Factory Studio featuring the two tracks "Autogenic" and "Meat". This demo will be an excellent calling card for the band and it will open them the doors for several clubs in northern and center Italy, strenghtening the name Kubark. Among the various gigs, it's worth to remember the final to get on Italia Wave Festival's stage in 2009.

Together with the live activity, the band writes down some new songs, more personal and mature, that will compose the new release "Ulysses" they will record in 2011 again at 29100 Factory Studio and again under the skilled hands of Cristiano Sanzeri. Although maintaining their trademark style, the band comes out from the shadow of the geat bands that guided the writing of the previous Ep, coming to a more intimate, personal and satisfying result.