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Testo della canzone

1679, hall of Versailles,
Louis the XIV is having a party.
At this court of betrayers and liers
Wheel of fate's gonna turn anyway...

"Welcome to my home, again.
Enjoy your time..."

And through the darkness
Candles, lighten the hall
Like thousands (of) dancers
Reflecting on the walls...
"Let's start the dances,
No one shall stand tall..."

Midnight time, in the hall of Versailles
Greatest pleasure: a present for Louis
It's a gift from the ruler of Venice
"... Just a portrait, my daughter in it"

In a beating of the heart
The king fell in love

And through the candles
Louis starts dreamin' on...
Dramatic fancy:
The king has fallen in love!

Oh, Kathryn, through the candles
I can see your face...
Oh, can't you see?
My heart is bleeding, screaming for you...

For love or lust,
Feelings or passion, who knows?
And through the candles
Louis starts dreamin' on...
The king is calling,
Who will dare to deny?

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album Sons Of Thunder Labyrinth
Sons Of Thunder 2014 - Rock, Metal, Nu-Metal

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